Victor Lorenzi

Victor Lorenzi has had a passion for drawing since childhood, and holds a degree in fashion arts and techniques. His aim is to let us experience his crea- tions as a projection of his sensations, a blend of the imaginary and the real.

The bright, ever-changing light of his native Corsica and the vivid tones of the Latin America of his ancestors are the genesis of his creative approach.

The artist's universe is born of pure invention, responding only to the need to liberate the subject by relying on color.

At the same time, the illustrator's contemporary pop-influenced style can be seen in a gallery of expressionist portraits in contrasting colors.

A creator constantly on the lookout for new techniques, Victor Lorenzi uses acrylic and oil pigments, pastels, ink, resin and various coatings in an instinctive manner.

Victor Lorenzi was born in Bastia and lives between Corsica and Paris.

Into the blue

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