Sébastien Dominici

His passion for surfing and the discovery of its visual and cultural identity are at the origin of the artist's work.
First known for his customizations of JVB Surfboards, he is the creator of Wall Ride Art.

Gradually, Sébastien Dominici moved on to new media, working on canvas in mixed media: pastel, felt-tip pen, paint, spray, graphite and collage. Reminiscent of his seafaring experience, he also offers us a play on depth thanks to the application of several layers of resin.

Beyond the aesthetic rendering of the work, the interactive aspect is of prime importance to the artist. Around a central subject, Sébastien Dominici meticulously elaborates a multitude of small symbols forming veritable circuits of thought that he invites us to follow, with the aim of creating an exchange between the artist himself through his work and the
viewer, leaving him free to make his own personal interpretation. He invites us to dive in again and again, always with the possibility of discovering something new.

To read Sébastien Dominici's works is above all to make them your own, to let yourself be carried away by his personal interpretation. A central drawing often predominates, from which a multitude of smaller drawings emerge. One thing is always recurrent: three words encircled in red can be seen in the works: these references are those of the author, they are the vision that the painter decides to share with his public. Like a desire to discuss a subject. This vision is a front view, with the first major elements illuminating the reasoning.

It's a way of painting all the things in life: the visible ones, thanks to the major symbols, as well as the invisible ones present in the mass of annotations and drawings. In Sébastien Dominici's painting, there's a strong desire to paint life, i.e. what we don't always see, dreams.

To discover one of Sébastien Dominici's works is to sail, surf and dive alongside him into a multitude of images.

Sebastien Dominici was born in 1978 and lives and works in Bastia.

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