Loïc Le Floch aka FENX

Loïc Le Floch aka Fenx is a visual artist born in the mid-70s. His work reflects his emotional, cultural and iconographic journey, often drawing on the nascent counter-cultures in which he took part, such as graffiti and skateboarding.

He questions the viewer on his favorite themes: society's relationship with women, birth, death and rebirth, and the part of childhood that remains in each of us.

Fenx's commitment to discourse, combined with the return of "beauty", is reflected in his precise work, in which he strives to eliminate all visual superfluity, allowing the eye to unconsciously retranscribe absent elements.

It's easy to recognize his work at first glance, even if he expresses himself in different styles, each maintaining a link with the other both in graphics and in the use of significant colors.

Loic lives and works in Paris


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